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Trading Platform

Platinum Platform

Platinum platform is a virtual dealer terminal. It is best suited for active traders, who take advantage of minor movements in the price. This EXE program can be downloaded on the client’s computer.

Key Features :
Note: FLIP Platinum users have access to the Gold Platform also.
  • All the features of Gold are available in Platinum
  • Platinum is similar to a dealer terminal
  • Flexibility to customize screen layout and setting
  • Professional, Classic, Customised Market Watches
  • Fast trade execution with instant trade confirmation through pop-up
  • View Cash, F&O and Currency quote in a single market watch screen
  • Real-time updation of Index & Tick by Tick updation of index chart
  • Online Fund transfer facility
  • Place orders in the Post-Close session of the Exchanges
  • After market hours orders can also be placed in both the Exchanges
  • Online investment of Mutual Funds and IPO’s
  • Intraday & EOD
  • Sophisticated studies such as Technical indicators can be performed by using appropriate parameters:

FLIP-Trading Platform

FLIP LiteBrowser based,ideal for low bandwidth connection.

FLIP GoldBrowser based,ideal for people on the move.

FLIP PlatinumVirtual dealer terminal,ideal for Active traders.
Toll Free number: 1800-425-5501 / 1800-103-5501